OET Processing and Training

New batch on every Monday and Wednesday

Duration: 15 days / 1 Month / 2 Months / 3 Months

Monday - Saturday half day

Our OET training have the following features.

  • Choose 15 days/1 month/2 months/3 months course based on your availability.

  • Choose online/offline course as per your convenience.

  • Coaching for nurses under the guidance of well experienced professional trainers

  • Structured course which covers whole exam syllabus

  • An outstanding 90% success rate 

  • Training using the best study materials from the world over

  • Interactive sessions for up-to-date review of theory

  • Extensive question bank for practice on individual topics

  • Regular mock tests with on-the-spot reviews & results

  • Allows nurses to identify weaknesses in their knowledge so they can make the quickest progress possible in their studies.

  • All batches have limited number of seats so that everyone individual attention and timely feedback

Follow this link to get to know more about OET https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/

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